Services Performed by Dr. Christine Dahl


* Restorative Dentistry (composites and amalgams)

* Comprehensive and periodic exams with triaged treatment plans

* Pediatric Dentistry (stainless steel crowns, restorative dentistry, pulpotomies, space maintainers, deciduous extractions, sealants, growth and development evaluation with referral to orthodontist as indicated)

* Crown and bridge, implant restoration  

* Cosmetic Dentistry (whitening, veneers, enamel shaping)

* Clear Correct (place and remove aligners and engagers, interproximal reduction, periodic ortho checks, Registered Clear Correct  Provider)

*Dentures (complete, partials, relines, denture repairs, etc.)

* Emergency care (evaluation and diagnosis, with appropriate referrals as needed for extractions/root canals, etc.) 



"Dr. Dahl is not only a highly skilled practitioner, she is known for her calming compassion.  Her patients trust her and feel safe in her care."  -Georgia Jecklin, former owner, Quad City Dental Lab

"Dr. Christine Dahl consistently demonstrates excellent patient management skills.  Her deep understanding of the causes of dental anxiety coupled with her ability to listen to patient's concerns sets the context for the delivery of outstanding patient care.  Dr. Dahl would be an asset to any practice either on a short term or long term basis." - Dr. Henrietta Logan, Professor Emeritus, University of Florida College of Dentistry, formerly Professor at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry.  

"As an endodontist, I have worked with Christine Dahl for 20 years and have had a 'bird's-eye-view' of her practice.  She is an excellent clinical technician, always keeping up to date with the latest developments in materials and treatment.  She is kind and caring, putting her patients' needs first and successfully putting even the most phobic of them at ease."  - Dr. Jane Chiappinelli, Endodontist, Davenport Iowa

"Dr. Dahl is a referring dentist I can always count on to provide me meaningful information about every patient sent to me, as well as fully informing the patients themselves of their condition and why they were referred to a specialist.  She is open-minded regarding my treatment recommendations and supportive of my efforts.  She performs excellent dental work and I always know that whatever treatment I provide is going to be maintained expertly by her."  - Dr. Mike Franzman, Periodontist, Davenport, Iowa