Why Choose Dr. Christine Dahl as your Locum Tenens?

A patient receiving care from a temporary dentist hire in IL

Experienced General Dentist

Dr. Dahl has enjoyed being a general dentist for 38 years in Bettendorf, Iowa, providing a wide range of dental services for patients of all ages. She retired from full time practice in the fall of 2018, but found that she was not ready to completely stop being a dentist.  


Experienced Locum Tenens

Dr. Dahl has served as locum tenens in several assignments in Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin.  She has  learned the importance of being the "oil" that keeps the "gears" of the dental practice humming along. She enjoys serving patients and making a difference in their lives, while also serving the dental community by providing coverage to practices who have a short-term need for additional temporary dentistry services.


More Information Available

Dr. Dahl can provide her curriculum vitae, references, and a contract upon request.  

 She is available to answer questions to help you plan for your temporary assignment at your dental office.